Why Phrases Scroll Farmville on Facebook?

Application Phrases Farmville shifting positions that have been for fifteen months into the most popular applications on Facebook. Phrases application is an application that allows users up to install the quote (quote), pictures and quizzes in the "news feed" them. until last month the number of users Phrases much as 54.4 million. While the number of users of Farmville as much as 53.9 million. The number of users Farmville decreased from 83.8 most all time users in March. In it up to stop sending notification of applications and updates to friends of users.

Zynga, Farmville maker, has seen the decline in the number of users Farmville applications since then, but so far still the developer "game" up the biggest. Zynga also make a Texas Holdem Poker, FrontierVille and Mafia Wars, which ranked third, fourth, and fifth in the list of most popular Facebook applications AppData.

According to CNN, Phrases able to take over the leadership without any public Farmville United States (U.S.). Developer Phrases, takeoff Monkey, stop the application was in the U.S. two weeks ago. They said the decision was difficult because of the support the fans in the U.S., and it does not provide access chronology to restore America. Number of users every day Phrases dropping to only 5.5 million after stopping the application in the U.S.. Before closing their operations in the U.S., has a 8.1 Phrases users.

Farmville still survive at the top for daily users with 16.6 million users who visit every day applications. Windows Live Messenger came in second place applications up daily with 9.8 million visitors each day.

"True, Phrases having the largest monthly number of active users, but it is important to record every that the way users engage with a particular application can be quite high variations," said Justin Smith, founder of Inside Network, parent company of AppData, as quoted by CNN. "Games like Farmville tend to involve the users for a long time and have a revenue model through virtual goods."

Phrases continues to capture the interest of users up by adding 2.3 million users during the last week. Farmville lost 395,000 users at the same time period. CNN reported, Facebook, Zynga and takeoff Monkey can not be questioned at this time.

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