5 online business idea to start in Malaysia

Looking to make your fortune through online business? It’s not a hard thing today consider the fact that internet is easily accessible and the population of internet users is raising tremendously over the years. There are so many types of online business running nowadays and it’s easy to get lost on what online business you should venture into. Start with something you familiar with but that is pretty saturated? Or start an online business that you have no knowledge on how to do it but it has high potential? Picking the type of online business to start with is a massive hit to the head, especially for starters. Below are some of the ideas you can take into consideration when you want to start an online business in Malaysia, or wherever you live. 1. Fire Sale Dig into your computer’s hard drive, can you find anything that you own the rights to resell? Materials such as e-book, presentation slide, useful content that you made or own the rights to resell. What you need to do now is set up a minisite and sell it. Register a simple domain name and broadcast this message to your friends, family and or any websites that you have access to. Let them know this is one time limited offer and will only last a few days. This is especially easy when you have content to resell and your own contact/mailing list. 2. Online Auction online-auction One of the fastest way to make some cash online is to sell your unwanted items through eBay or other marketplaces. Look around your house for things that are no longer in use, music CDs, video games, TVs, toys, antiques and so forth. They may no longer have uses to you but someone else out there may be looking for this at a cheap price. To be a reputable and trustable marketplace seller, make sure you keep your account clean. Set up your product page with proper description, keywords and use suitable pictures. 3. Flipping Websites This method is popular to some but some may not know this at all. Flipping website simply means buy and sell websites. These websites can be an empty one with a catchy domain name or established websites with good flow of traffic, content and potential to grow in revenue. You can also build your own website and resell it in future, just need to make sure your website is well designed and have good SEO, so it won’t be a problem when you want to sell it in the future. Alternatively, you can also buy an established website, modify, tweak and make them more profitable, then sell them at a higher price. 4. Turn Your Skills into Business freelancer-writer-writing-on-bed If you have the ability to write, code, design, edit or any other skills that people are looking to outsource online, do it. There’s a lot of employers looking to outsource these processes online, so you may want to take up projects and jobs to generate some side income. Create your own portfolio website and then let your potential employers or partners know about it, showcase your previous works and your capabilities in your website. 5. Become an Affiliate When it comes to online business, it is not necessary that you must sell your own products or service. You can also sell other’s people products and service and still get your money. Become an affiliate of a business and sell their product and service to get commission. In this case you save up a lot on your business capital and just focus on sales and marketing, but still you will be able to reap huge profit depends on how many % of the commission the business is paying you.

15 Online Business Ideas

1. SEO consultant Do you know the ins and outs of search engines and have skills in platforms like Google Analytics? The owners of a lot of smaller companies don't realize how much of an impact search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their business. Educate those business owners on the power of SEO to help transform their websites into a more SEO-friendly property. Use your skills to show business owners how to read and use their analytics data the right way, and how to properly use keywords and structure content to get more traffic. 2. Business coaching If you possess a great deal of business experience and knowledge, why not create a business that helps aspiring entrepreneurs find success? You can use your skills to help new business owners get off to a good start and help experienced entrepreneurs keep up with demand. To show off your knowledge and skills and bring in clients, you can also write articles about business on platforms like LinkedIn. 3. Specialized retailer There's an audience for everything, whether it's making dollhouse furniture or creating organic dog food. With a specialty e-commerce store, you can reach those customers who are seeking your specific products. All you need is a web-hosting service with an integrated shopping cart feature or with e-commerce software, and your business will be operational in no time. You can even work with vendors to ship products to customers on your behalf, which means you don't need to own a lot of inventory. [See Related Story: A Small Business Guide to E-Commerce Shipping] 4. Social media consultant Larger companies can hire an agency or full-time staff member to run their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but small businesses often have to handle their own social media marketing. With so many responsibilities, business owners are often too busy, overwhelmed or undereducated about the importance of social media to spend time developing and implementing a great social media strategy. As a consultant, you can help them determine the best tactics, posting schedules and content for their target audience. As their follower count grows, so will your business. 5. Web design There's nothing more off-putting than a poorly designed website, and often, it kills credibility. If you know HTML and have a good eye for design, you can launch a service to create attractive, easy-to-use websites for small businesses. Put your skills to good use for business owners who want to take their online presence to the next level. Build a comprehensive portfolio, and then create your own website to show it off and attract a steady stream of clients. 6. Resume/cover letter writing It's a tough truth to swallow, but a standout resume and cover letter can make all the difference when you're applying for a job. While listing career accomplishments might seem like an easy task, the fine art of "humble bragging" eludes some of us. Find work by helping others to get hired with the aid of stellar resumes. Capitalize on the increasingly important social media branding bandwagon and offer to fix LinkedIn profiles as well. 7. Assistant/task manager Do you have impeccable organizational skills? What about cleaning skills? Can you quickly and efficiently carry out these tasks? Maybe it's time to put those skills to good use by becoming an online personal assistant or task manager. Companies like TaskRabbit or Zirtual allow you to sign up for tasks you want to complete — including data research, virtual assistant or running errands — and begin building clientele. 8. Professional freelancer You might not think of freelancing as a business, but with more and more companies turning to part-time contract workers to fill their skill gaps, it's not hard to imagine making a living providing businesses with a variety of freelance services. Depending on your skill sets, you could work for multiple companies in a variety of fields that offer you flexibility and a refreshing change of pace. According to the freelance job listing website Freelancer.com, tech services, content creation and web design are popular fields for contract work. 9. Affiliate marketing If you're a person who loves leaving customer reviews on sites like Amazon, stop doing it for free. Word-of-mouth advertising is still a huge lead generator for many companies, and a lot of businesses are willing to share a portion of their profits with persuasive individuals who will promote their products to the public. If you have a personal website with a large following, this might be easier to accomplish (PR reps are always seeking out brand advocates they can send free samples to). Smart Passive Income breaks down three types of affiliate marketing and explains which one is most profitable. 10. Remote technical support Many small businesses don't have room in their budget for a full-time IT employee, so when their systems go on the fritz, they'll usually call a computer-savvy friend or family member. If you have experience working on computers and networks, you can eliminate their need to call in a favor and offer immediate remote technical assistance. 11. Virtual consignment store Bargain hunters and thrift store enthusiasts can turn a nice profit reselling their vintage clothing finds. Brand yourself by setting up an independent website as your virtual storefront, but use a managed service like Google Checkout to handle transactions. High-resolution images and catchy copy for your products will make you stand out in the sea of internet users trying to sell their used items. 12. Handmade craft seller Online sites like Etsy and ArtFire are platforms that make it extremely easy for crafters who can produce a steady supply of quality handmade items, like crocheted blankets or unique painted glassware. Startup costs are extremely low if you purchase your materials in bulk from a craft supplier, and if you can turn around orders quickly, you'll be making a profit in no time at all. It's even possible to turn your store into a full-time gig. 13. App development Mobile applications are more popular than ever, and people are willing to pay good money for ways to manage their lives from their smartphones. If you have a great idea and happen to know coding, you can run with it and create your app yourself. If you just have an idea and don't know the ins and outs of how to turn it into a reality, there are plenty of software developers looking to collaborate with people on app creation. 14. Blogger If you have ideas and words bursting within you, you've most likely thought about starting a blog, at the very least. With the freedom to create your own beat and style your platform the way you desire, you can completely personalize your blogging experience and reach millions of people across the world. The larger the audience, the higher the chance you have at creating a successful business out of it. [See Related Story: How to Turn Your Blog into a Business] 15. Bridal Concierge The wedding industry is booming, and with all of the stress and pressure that piles on every couple during their engagement, it's nearly impossible for brides-to-be to enjoy their wedding planning. However, if you have a knack for organization and a passion for weddings, you can start your own career as a bridal concierge, dealing with the nitty gritty wedding details so the bride doesn't have to.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Malaysia for 2017

1. Travel agency Because Malaysia is a business hub, many people travel in and out of the country for business purposes. This amounts to huge opportunities for travel agencies and businesses that cater to travelers directly or indirectly. So, if you are looking to start a business in Malaysia, one smart option is to start a travel agency. It requires low capital, it’s easy to start, and the returns are huge. 2. Tourism Malaysia plays host to several thousands of visitors every year. This leaves lot of profit to be made by investors in the country’s tourism sector. If you have a big budget, you can build a hotel or resort in Malaysia that caters to tourists that visit the country on vacation. Small businesses can also tap from the sector by offering products and services that cater to tourists as well. So, whether your budget is big or small, you can always make money from Malaysia’s tourism sector. 3. Fashion Malaysians, like every other people, love fashion. They show great concern for what they wear and what they look like. Though there are many fashion outlets spread all over the country, there is enough room for new investors to make money. If you’d like to start a fashion business in Malaysia, keep in mind that local fashion sells best. So, you will need to learn about this if you are not a native of Malaysia. 4. Foods and snacks Fast foods and snacks really sell in Malaysia. So, there are huge opportunities for businesses that package and sell fast foods and snacks like ice-cream and yoghurt. Starting a food business is very easy and requires little capital. So, you will quickly make money from this business — and it doesn’t matter if you are a native of Malaysia or not. 5. Microfinance services New businesses, especially small businesses are springing up daily in Malaysia. And to thrive in the long run, these businesses need funding, which they can readily get from microfinance banks. So, microfinance banking is a hot business opportunity for investors to explore. If you have a background in banking and finance, and you have the required startup capital, you can start a microfinance bank that caters to individuals and small businesses. 6. Oil and gas Oil and gas products sell very well in Malaysia. And no, you don’t have to be a millionaire in dollars to start this business. With a few thousand dollars, you can be a retailer for various oil and gas products such as kerosene and natural gas. And if you have a fat amount to invest, you can open a filling station that sells a wide range of products from the oil and gas industry. 7. Internet business More Malaysians are becoming aware of the huge opportunities available in online business. Most college students and graduates are making lots of money from various online businesses such as website design, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, professional blogging, information marketing, and so on. With a solid knowledge of how things work, you too can make lots of profit off the internet while working from the comfort of your home. 8. Professional services With many new small businesses emerging with each passing day, business professionals have a steadily growing market to cater to. Most small businesses require the services of bookkeepers and accountants at the very basic stages of their operations. So, if you have a background in accounting, bookkeeping, or some other specialty that caters to small and medium scale businesses, you have huge opportunities at your fingertips. 9. Local taxi service If you have a car that you don’t use most of the time, you can convert it into a taxi. You will make a decent income from this business because there is a high demand for it. 10. Smartphone and PC repairs More than half of Malaysian adults have a smartphone or PC. This means there are opportunities for businesses that help to fix problems with these devices. People would rather repair their systems than throw them away after they get damaged. So, if you have a knack for fixing faults in electronic devices, here’s a golden opportunity for you to make cool cash.


白手起家是许多年轻人的梦想,希望可以以自己的能力开创一个属于自己的事业小天地。在经济状况的局限之下,究竟有什么生意可以以低成本入门,却又可以赚钱呢?这里小编整合了一些生意概念,想创业的朋友可以考虑考虑哦! 小生意一: 家庭式烘培 在马来西亚,家庭式烘培是一门蛮火热的生意。相对于拥有一间面包店/蛋糕店,家庭式烘培的成本来得低,基于几个理由: 不需租金 不需聘请额外员工看店 有订单时才开始烘培,因此可以更好地监控材料成本,并减少丢弃过多的成品 不需装修店面,以符合政府规格要求 通常这些家庭式烘培并没有登记公司名称,所以通常不需给税 小编发现很多家庭式烘培都是靠着人传人的方式以及社交网站来接受订单,成效也非常不错,特别是在大节日的时候,如华人新年、中秋节和马来人新年。据小编的朋友说,他本身在新年时所接获的年饼生意,在一个月内就可以净赚高达数千元,甚至上万,只因为承包了几家店面的烘培生意。此外,家庭式烘培可以更随心所欲地发挥自己的创意和才能,为顾客私人化他们所要求的蛋糕等等,因此更获得顾客们的青睐。 要开始这门生意非常简单。首先,你需要有烘培知识和用具。接着,可以做一些蛋糕成为你的portfolio并放在网上宣传,那就行啦!网上宣传方面可以使用免费的blogspot 和面子书,这样就可以减少宣传经费了。以下是一些活生生的例子,告诉你这门生意绝对可以做! 参考网站: 杯子蛋糕 生日蛋糕 小生意二: 外卖 现代人越来越忙,忙得连煮食的时间也没有,外卖的生意也因此越来越吃香。相较于之前在餐厅进餐,现在有更多的家庭希望可以在家用餐之余,吃的方面更要使用健康食材和无味精。这也导致了很多外卖公司纷纷窜起,以健康为口号,让在家煮食的外卖生意搞得有声有色。 要做外卖生意,最重要的是人流。如果专攻午餐,那么有许多白领阶级工作人的地方就是很好的选择,如Mont Kiara, Subang, KL, Puchong等等。如要专攻晚餐(通常承包全家晚餐),那么就要选择在住家的地方。要不,选择在大学附近,为住宿舍的学生提供伙食,也是很好赚的,特别是在考试期。 紧接着,要设计餐单。将一个月的餐单设计好后,可以方便人们订购,你也可以精准地采购食材。食材方面可以到pasar borong或NSK之类的地方购买,便宜之余也提供新鲜的食材。至于宣传方面,网上宣传是最快的方法无疑。此外,也可以拍一些传单在住家、公司等等。 要成立这门生意,需要拥有煮食经验,通常需要至少2-3人一起才有能力应付这门生意,一人负责快递、一人负责煮食和一人负责接订单/宣传/帐目等。汽车/摩多车也是必备的,以方便将食物快递出去。 相较于传统餐厅,这个生意的流动量比较大,成本也比较小,在预测食材方面也简单很多,是为想开餐馆的朋友赚取第一桶金的方法之一。 参考网站: GraceKitchen Dahmakan KotakLunch 小生意三: 设计师 设计师的成本在于自己的创意、设计技巧和一架电脑。这生意的难度在于要如何不断接到生意。建议在开始这门生意之前,设计师本身已经有经验并有好的履历(portfolio),才可以吸引更多的顾客。一旦越来越多生意找上门,你可以聘请一些同行为你设计,并从中抽取佣金,这也会是一笔可观的费用。小编觉得可以参考以下网站,他们推广自己的方式不错,可以直接让顾客看到他们的水准之余,对自己也是成立了可以被信赖的个人品牌。 参考网站: Dream Design Sureewoong 小生意四: 社交媒体管理系统的中间人 无可否认的,社交媒体已经成为许多公司的命脉之一。在处理社交媒体时,许多繁琐的事情需要管理。例如:在多个论坛户口上载公司消息、面子书与粉丝互动、整理社交网站所得到的最新资料等等。虽然有些公司会聘请社交媒体管理员,可是也有许多公司都愿意outsource 自由工作者负责不同的事物。 想要做这门生意,你需要有很好的人脉。这个的成本非常低,最多是你的电话费/transaction fee而已。那这门生意要怎么做呢?成为自由工作者吗?答案是:成为自由工作者和公司之间的中间人,这才是最好赚的。这就是为什么小编说人脉在这门生意里面很重要。你只要认识有这些需求的公司,也认识许多想要找工的学生们,你的收入就有了。 如果与Promoter这份工作相较于做比较,找Promoter做工抽佣,你需要到promoter做工的地方确定他的工作态度、不能放飞机,而且一个event顶多2个星期就完了。届时,你需要找更多的人和event,还需确保promoter的工作素质,非常麻烦。 社交媒体管理通常是长久的project,而且新人上手后,你对新人的管理也可以减少许多,但是还是可以继续抽佣(根据你和公司讨论的成果)。就算新人没法如期工作,在家工作这个优点就足以让你更容易找到顶替的人选。 小生意五: 形象设计/化妆 个人化妆、上门化妆/修甲、新娘化妆等等,这些只需要你的化妆等等的工具、交通就可以开始做生意了。你自己就是你生意的品牌。这个生意的灵活度很高,在接下一个job 后的酬劳也是非常高的。这个的工作性质和设计师非常相像。 参考网站: Aivy BridalMakeup Yenmakeup 其实赚钱的门路有很多,更考验的是对生意的热忱和恒心。只要选择了对的方向,持之以恒才是通向成功的道路。所以要创业的年轻人,不要抱着5分钟热度,一旦开始要经营一番事业,就必须坚持下去哦!