Using the "alt" Tag For Your Blog

Some Blogger may forget to use "alt" in the picture, though fairly simple, but the effect was great to get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You need to remember search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) can not read images, Search engines can only read the image title and the "alt tag" the image, so that we could insert certain keywords and certainly very helpful for our image found on search engines.

Especially for those who access a website / blog via mobile phone (Mobile Web) and also having a slow connection when you access a blog page. As they search for images are list-list writing and alt tags are very useful here.

"Alt tag" for the image is very important. Try your search on google images, in the bottom of each image there is a source image, ie sites that display the image. When you match, you will click twice to see the actual size. Well, the first stage after clicking the window will pop up a blog with the picture viewer. So that's fortunately if from a search engine user clicking our pictures and they ended up stuck on our blog, surely it would be additional traffic to our blog.

Rolex Explorer 2 Watch For 2011

For 2011 Rolex offers a new Explorer 2 to follow up last year's new Explorer. While the Explorer was bumped up to 39mm last year, the Explorer 2 is the Rolex sport watch with a modern size of 42mm in width. That is 2mm larger than the Submariner, and it likely wears better than the 43mm wide Submariner Deep Sea. Also new is the return of the orange GMT hand in addition to the Maxi-dial like size of the hands and hour indicators.

In a 42mm wide case, the Explorer 2 is in 904L steel with a mix of polished and brushed surfaces. While known for its white dial, the Explorer 2 now comes with a black dialed version as is traditional for the line - both in lacquer. Contrast on the dial on both models remains excellent, with the signature large orange GMT hand remaining on the dial. Both dials feature "Chromalight" luminant. The hands are all in white gold. I have had arguments with people about Rolex hands being in white gold. While not all of them are, many of the newer Rolex models have white gold hands. Says it right here in the Rolex material!