Android Microsoft attacks the Chinese Huawei

As a dozen builders before him, Huawei wipes the wrath of Microsoft, which is seeking royalties under a violation of intellectual property on a portfolio of hundreds of patents related to Linux kernel, Android component. Microsoft confirms its deterrent strategy vis-à-vis manufacturers that implement their Android mobile and connected. The Redmond company, which points to a portfolio of hundreds of patents related to Linux kernel (the core of the OS of Google), it now takes to Chinese Huawei. As a dozen others before them, Acer, Samsung and HTC have recently bitten on the same bait , preferring to grant to Microsoft a lump sum compensation for each product up, smartphones and tablets together, rather than go to court. The story continues endlessly, without further clarification from the complainant, who claims to hold in its portfolio of licenses which he claimed to insinuate that Android is his property. Accordingly, any device with Android materializes an additional component of a large-scale attack on intellectual property. Next implicated in a list which already has a dozen freed at the cost of some royalties, Huawei does not give ground maintenance without prior negotiations. Just like Motorola, the telecoms operator China because of the resistance and confirmed by the voice of the marketing director Victor Xu, “take particular care to respect the copyright”. Interviewed by The Guardian , the person evokes a catalog provided some 65 000 patents, which “protect its interests” and follow the path of Motorola Mobility, have gone to court against Microsoft.