Google Ebookstore : Get Free 3 Million Books download now!

Google Inc. wants to master the online trading business or e-commerce. The company's largest Internet search engine in the world, on Monday (6/12/2010) when the United States (U.S.), launched a digital bookstore titled Google eBookstore.

The presence of Google eBookstore and challenging the dominance of Kindle which now controls two-thirds of the electronic book market in the State Uwak Sam. At least, there are 3 million book titles that can be downloaded for free on Google eBookstore. And, hundreds of thousands of other titles that can be purchased online through this digital book store service.

"All the libraries you are there, anytime you can read it," said Google's technical director eBookstore James Crawford to Reuters. The books are derived from Google's cooperation in the U.S. with 4,000 publishers, including HarperCollins Publishers and Random House Group Ltd. "This is a fast growing market, and there is plenty of space in the electronic book market for us and our competitors," said Scott Dougall, Director of Product Management of Google's Bookstore.

Jeannie Hornung, a spokesman for Google, adding, this service can be read using a variety of software e-readers. This service is also accessible by using personal computers, smartphones, and tablet computers on Google's Android operating system, IOS Apple, and other operating systems.

Besides holding a large-scale book publishers, Google berkongsi with booksellers in the U.S. who are members of the American Booksellers Association. However, Hornung said, publishers will get to the greater results than the other side of each book sold.

Sandeep Aggarwal, an analyst with Caris & Co., said, not easy to break the dominance of Google eBookstore Kindle which has a collection of 757,000 titles of books that can be purchased online. He estimates that Kindle could be scooped up a turnover to 5.32 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, rising rather than 2010, 2.81 billion U.S. dollars. Her other Google rivals Apple Inc, which released a similar service earlier this year through IPAD

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