2011: Google to Sell Laptops With Google Chrome Operating System?

After the success pounding the smartphone market with Android operating system, Google plans to shake up the laptop market. On Tuesday local time (7 / 12), Google announced it would sell laptops with Chrome the operating system starting next year.

"For us, this is a long journey to create a model using the cloud operating system," said Sundar Pichai, Google's Vice President of Product Management in his press conference.

Cloud is a technical term to describe the storage of data and various applications on the Internet, not on computer disks. Pichai said, Acer and Samsung will produce a laptop with Chrome the operating system next year.

Meanwhile, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the computer by using the cloud will become more widely used in the future. During this time the operating system market dominated by Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Google tries to take a different approach by making use of cloud computing. Google hopes to store data and applications on the Internet, hacking attacks and malicious software can be minimized

Another advantage is longer battery, boot process is much faster, and the ability to access the desktop data anywhere in the world provided there is internet connection.

This operating system also allows users to access data and run programs linked to the web without having the internet. In addition, one computer can be used several people, without having to share important data.

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