How to Reformat Your Windows XP PC

Reformatting the computer is actually the last thing that you should do unless necessary. How to reformat your Windows XP PC can be a tedious job because a complete reformat can mean losing all the contents of the hard drive and you will have to reinstall all the software. The following are steps on how to reformat your Windows XP PC:

1. It’s important that you back up your important files. You can store them online or burn them on a CD or DVD. You can also use a portable hard drive.
2. Insert the Windows XP installer CD/DVD.
3. Reboot your computer.
4. After reboot, the computer will ask you to press any key in order to proceed with the OS installation. You know what to do next.
5. Press F8 to agree to the Microsoft end user license agreement.
6. Select all the fields that do not say “Unallocated Space”.
7. Press d followed by capital L.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until what’s left is field that say “Unallocated Space”.
9. Install Windows to the “Unallocated Space”. The computer will ask you if you want to reformat your drive.
10. After the PC restarted, you will be asked for the Windows XP serial number. Carefully type in the serial key on the space provided.
11. Select language and local preferences such as time and computer name.
12. Enter a desired password. This is optional although highly recommended.
13. After restoring the files you backed up, you are now ready to reinstall your applications.

These steps on how to reformat your Windows XP PC must be followed religiously so that no important data are lost and the problem with your computer will be totally resolved.

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