Apple iPhone OS and Android are a challenge

RIM will reduce staff. But Nokia has to suffer most from the pressure of ever cheaper Android. In the quarter April to June, sales of smart phones including Samsung have been estimated as 18 and 21 million units, compared with 16.7 million and 20.3 million Nokia iPhone. The proliferation of Android smart phones like the Samsung does not seem to worry Galaxy smaller suppliers such as HP or Apple, but it is certainly a threat at this time fatal to RIM and Nokia in particular, time is the market leader, with sales now derives mainly from mobile phones to medium low and affordable price outside the mature markets. Precisely in this band is focusing on the offensive end of the new Android low cost. Nokia has turned the tables and to some extent abandoning Symbian Phone for Windows, but until you update to Windows Phone 7.5, the difficulties seem to be doubled. Nokia has reported a net sales decline of 7 percent with a decline in operating margin of 41 percent. Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, accompanying the results of his company wrote: “The challenges we face during our strategic transformation of the expected larger occurred in the second quarter of 2011.” According to Nokia Elop resources are even more focused on sales, marketing and potential sales channel. In the last month Elop has shown a prototype model of smart phones like the N9, now equipped with Meego, who went on board Windows Phone. But at this point will need a few innovative smart phones too much time to change the course of the current market.

Samsung Penjual Telefon Bimbit Terbanyak Awal 2012

Samsung kini dinobatkan menjadi penjual telefon bimbit terbanyak di seluruh dunia, berdasarkan kenyataan laman web Jika Anda kenali dengan lebih dekat Samsung yang ada pada hari ini, syarikat Korea menjadi pengeluar telefon pintar Android paling banyak mengalahkan pengeluar lain seperti HTC, Sony, Motorola, ZTE juga Huawei. Bagi kita di Malaysia, Samsung cukup di minati, tablet Android terbaru dan telefon pintar Android terbaru berjenama Samsung ditunggu-tunggu kemunculannya. Samsung berjaya menjual 93.5 juta telefon bimbit, Nokia berjaya menjual 82.7 juta manakala Apple pula berjaya menjual 35.1 juta telefon bimbit dalam tempoh masa 3 bulan terawal 2012. Statistik ini mungkin boleh berubah kerana persaingan cukup sengit, ia membuatkan setiap syarikat berlumba-lumba mengeluarkan produk mesra pengguna. Mungkin dengan kemunculan Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung boleh mendominasi pasaran namun dengan kemunculan Apple iPhone 5 pula(dijangka Oktober 2012 nanti) Apple nampak harapan untuk muncul semula menjadi pendahulu. Samsung menang di awal tahun, Apple menang di akhir tahun.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Dipanggil Samsung Galaxy M

Samsung Galaxy S3 tidak akan dipanggil dengan nama sedemikian tapi ia akan dipanggil dengan nama Samsung Galaxy M. Mengenai tempoh pelancarannya, Samsung memberitahu smartphone terbaru Android itu hanya akan diperkenalkan pada satu masa di dalam pertengahan tahun, dari laporan berita sebelum ini ura-ura mengatakan Samsung akan memperkenalkan handphone tersebut pada April 2012. Walau apapun namanya nanti sama ada Samsung Galaxy M atau Samsung Galaxy S3, ia tetap akan dipasang dengan Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, skrin AMOLED, cip quad core (empat teras), serta akan dijual pada harga antara RM1,999-RM2,200 separas harga Samsung Galaxy Nexus dan Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

iPad Baru Tiba Di Malaysia Pada 20/4/12

iPad Baru generasi ketiga (iPad 3) akan tiba di Malaysia pada 20 April 2012, ini berita baik untuk peminat iPad. Pada tarikh itu dan untuk tarikh seterusnya, iPad Terbaru boleh Anda beli secara online dari Apple Malaysia Online Store.

Sebenarnya kami di iAwani sudah ada melihat beberapa kedai menjual iPad Terbaru dengan alasan iPad itu dibeli dari Hong Kong dan Singapura tapi kami kurang yakin membelinya sebab masih belum ada pengumuman harga rasmi dari Apple sendiri mengenai ketibaan iPad Terbaru di Malaysia (takut harga ditipu).

Berikut adalah harga iPad Terbaru (iPad 3, The New iPad) di Malaysia mengikut tukaran matawang 1 Dolar Amerika bersamaan dengan RM3. Harga ini mungkin berlainan dengan harga yang dipaparkan di Apple Malaysia Online Store tapi boleh di jadikan persedian bajet sebelum Anda benar-benar membeli iPad Terbaru

Samsung holding an event for the next Galaxy phone on May 3

Samsung has finally started sending out the official invites for the event in London on May 3 for the next Galaxy handset.

The invite doesn't say much but it's highly likely that it will be about the Galaxy S III (or whatever Samsung decides to call it). It's clear from the invite that Samsung is talking about only one device here, which makes us all the more certain that it is just the Galaxy S III that Samsung will announce. As far as the puddles of liquid seen in the invite, it could be nothing more than something used to fill up the invite image or something as exciting as an indicator for the device having a Liquidmetal body.

Samsung has taken its own sweet time with this device, even choosing to play it low at the popular Mobile World Congress this year, which is when companies make major announcements. Hopefully, this phone will live up to everyone's expectations.

Samsung Galaxy S II will get Ice Cream Sandwich update on March 10

Samsung Galaxy S II owners rejoice! Samsung will be releasing the long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) or Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy S II devices on this Saturday, March 10th.

Samsung Galaxy S II

The update will include the main ICS features such as Face Unlock, Android Beam and mobile Internet data usage tracker. However, the update will not support Bluetooth 3.0 HS and Adobe Flash at the moment.

The update process can be done via the latest Samsung Kies v.2.0 desktop client or Over the Air (OTA). Of course, we would recommend you to perform a full backup over your phone’s content before updating.

The update is currently applicable to international variant of Galaxy S II, while ICS update for the US variant could be delayed until the procedural testing are done by the respective carriers.


Huawei has delivered in the last year 20 million smart phones worldwide according to IDC data reaching sixth place in the market for mobile devices (including tablets), but has not forgotten her world ranking of number two for telecommunications equipment. And sinks the shot in Europe in the field of photonics and optical communication in a time when rivals such as Alcatel Lucent show weakness in this market segment.

Huawei has announced its’ acquisition of the Centre for Integrated Photonics Ltd (CIP), which had close relations, the East of England Development Agency (EEDA). The CIP, based in Ipswich, will be managed directly by Huawei and will form the heart of research and development in the United Kingdom, a key pawn on the chessboard of centers of competence in the World Huawei.

The CIP is a particular focus on research and development of new optical solutions, focusing on the company’s commitment in the study of next-generation solutions. Huawei has invested steadily in Britain over the last ten years.

In 2011, the company has announced plans to double its workforce in the UK, reaching one thousand units, and has opened a European Design Center for their mobile devices.

The investment in the CIP follows the inauguration of the World Center of Competence on Microwave Technology in Milan, which includes an investment for Huawei to over 100 million by 2015.