Apple iPhone OS and Android are a challenge

RIM will reduce staff. But Nokia has to suffer most from the pressure of ever cheaper Android. In the quarter April to June, sales of smart phones including Samsung have been estimated as 18 and 21 million units, compared with 16.7 million and 20.3 million Nokia iPhone. The proliferation of Android smart phones like the Samsung does not seem to worry Galaxy smaller suppliers such as HP or Apple, but it is certainly a threat at this time fatal to RIM and Nokia in particular, time is the market leader, with sales now derives mainly from mobile phones to medium low and affordable price outside the mature markets. Precisely in this band is focusing on the offensive end of the new Android low cost. Nokia has turned the tables and to some extent abandoning Symbian Phone for Windows, but until you update to Windows Phone 7.5, the difficulties seem to be doubled. Nokia has reported a net sales decline of 7 percent with a decline in operating margin of 41 percent. Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, accompanying the results of his company wrote: “The challenges we face during our strategic transformation of the expected larger occurred in the second quarter of 2011.” According to Nokia Elop resources are even more focused on sales, marketing and potential sales channel. In the last month Elop has shown a prototype model of smart phones like the N9, now equipped with Meego, who went on board Windows Phone. But at this point will need a few innovative smart phones too much time to change the course of the current market.

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