Simple Ways to Sell Items Online

EBay EBay is one of the most widely used ways to sell items online. Membership is free to sign up. You set up an auction for your item. Use the site’s template to create the auction page. Upload a picture, write a product description, and set the length of the auction and initial bid. Customers bid on the item until the auction ends and submit payment through the site. EBay takes a percentage of the sale as a fee. The amount is based on the final sale price. You can set a reserve, which means if the bids don't reach a certain point, the item doesn't sell. Online Craft Fairs Online craft fair sites work well for people who want to sell hand-made items online. You set up a free virtual store and tag your items with various keywords to help consumers find the items. Some sites even allow consumers to request the types of items they want. Some online craft sites are Etsy, DaWanda and Lovli. Social Networking Sometimes, people have a built-in audience for their goods through friends and family. One of the most common ways to keep in touch with friends and family is through social networking. You can post information and pictures of your items on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. With some people having in excess of several hundred friends, the audience can be quite wide. even offers a garage sale application for use on Facebook.

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