How to Make a Facebook Store Stand Out

Start Fresh 1.Research and compare e-commerce software providers and Facebook store applications. Pick one that you find easy to use and set up and fits your business needs. 2.Create an eye-catching logo that is representative of your business. Design it yourself, hire a graphic artist, or ask customers for help. 3.Make sure that your store is well organized. All photos should be in titled albums with thoughtful descriptions and information should be updated and complete. 4.Delete any tabs that aren’t currently being used and focus on quality content. Clear your wall, deleting any unwanted or unprofessional posts. Experiment with different features, trying only a few at a time. Starting simple is key. Emphasize Your Products 1.Update your store often with new merchandise information and include many photos of your products. Communicate with your customers, letting them know when sold-out items will be restocked. 2.Use a professional to photograph your products. Barter with local photographers to receive services free of charge in exchange for promotion of their Facebook pages on your page. Create a signature look for your product photographs that ties them to the theme of your store and its logo. 3.Make sure to add a “Like” button on each item for sale in your external e-commerce site so that clients can promote your products. Promote Your Store 1.Ask your customers and fans to help you promote. Encourage them to share your link by holding contests with incentives. Word of mouth about your store will travel faster with Facebook, and nothing attracts more attention than a large number of Facebook fans. 2.Get clients and fans involved with polls, Facebook only sales, discounts and offer prizes to fans who refer the most number of friends. 3.Ask customers to leave positive feedback directly on your Facebook page and to email you with any complaints. 4.Make your page as interactive as possible. Think of it as an e-store, a blog, a customer review and ranking page, a client forum and a promotional newsletter. 5.Cross-promote your brand by adding pages from complementary brands and services to your page, and by posting on their pages. Behind the Scenes 1.Log in to your store often; respond to fan questions and comments, and verify links are in working order. 2.Use your name and photo to give customers a feel for who you are. 3.Track your statistics. Carefully read your Facebook feedback, observing what kind of posts have shown the most interaction and increased fans or sales. 4.Tweak your page preferences and settings for optimal use. If your customers are getting constant news feeds when you post, limit the number and keep them meaningful. 5.Visit other Facebook stores often to review successful promotions of other vendors.

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