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Senarai 10 Blog Terbaik Malaysia MSMW2014

1. Best Auto Blog – 2. Best Business Blog – 3. Best Educational Blog – 4. Best Foodie Blog – 5. Best Gadget Blog – 6. Best Lifestyle Blog – 7. Best Music and Entertainment Blog – 8. Best Sports Blog – 9. Best Photography Blog – 10. Best Travel Blog –

How To Increase Traffick Blog

Submitting your blog to Blog Directories: You may know this before, submit your blog to blog directories will bring you good traffic.
Here is a good list of blog directories (there are so many directories, but under someone will bring you good traffic.) Most blog directories require you to register before you submit your blog. My advice, create a new email address solely for this purpose so, your personal email is not flooded with emails sent by a blog administrator, etc.

Participate in forums, groups, etc:
Just go to google and enter the keyword [your main + forum] or [keyword + groups] and search. For example, your blog is about blogging, then search for 'blogging forum'. You will find some forums, groups related to your site. Sign in forums and posting articles, etc. with a link back to your blog (as a signature). Answer questions, clarify doubts and provide a link to your blog. But, Dont SPAM '.

Social Bookmarking:
Social Bookmarking another way to build good traffic to your website / blog. If you do not know what Social Bookmarking
"Social Bookmarking is a practice of saving bookmarks, tagging posts with keywords in the" web site. Bookmarks means to save a certain Web site url (address) in your browser that you want to visit later. There are so many Social Bookmarking sites like, digg, furl, technorati.
One good thing about Social bookmark this site, you will get instant traffic. Just sign up with them, save your bookmarks, tags, .. and you are done, See yards blasting your site with traffic.

Submit Articles to Article Directories:
Submitting articles to article directories is an effective way to build more traffic. By submitting to them, your articles get great exposure and get more traffic.
Some of the popular article directories is,,, etc.
There are hundreds of article directories, just google.

Leaving comments on other blogs:
Leave a comment with a link back to your blog is another good thing to do. Leaving a comment on related blogs is more useful and also increase your PageRank. Always leave a good comment and not spam (by placing a link here like'click 'like that).