Facebook Shortcuts

Different Platforms have different 'modifier keys'. If e.g. shortcut 1 is for home, you would press Alt+1 on Chrome for Windows, but Alt+Shift+1 on Firefox for Windows Shift+Alt+# Firefox for PC Ctrl+Option+# Safari for Mac Ctrl+Option+# Firefox for Mac Ctrl+Option+# Chrome for Mac Alt+# Chrome for PC minus2. Standard Shortcuts 1 home 2 timeline/profile 3 friends 4 messages 5 notifications 6 general account settings 7 privacy settings 8 Facebook's Facebook page 9 legal terms 0 help center M new message ? search minus3. Newsfeed Navigation J/K Scroll forward through News Feed / Scroll backwards through News Feed C Comment on selected story I Like or unlike a story minus4. Lightbox Mode L Like or unlike a photo Arrow Left/Arrow Right skip back and forth between photos

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