Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched here in Malaysia

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched here in Malaysia in the very near future, why do we say so? Because our local telcos, or DiGi at least, is readying its preorder page for the device. Over the weekend, DiGi accidentally opened up its ROI page for the upcoming Samsung flagship mobile device that generated a whole load of hype. At the worldwide announcement which happened earlier this month, Samsung revealed that the device will be available in Europe starting from 29 May 2012 while the Malaysian launch is expected to be in early June but from the looks of it, we might be getting it earlier – on the European launch date perhaps? While we’re letting the telcos, presumably all three or even four of them – DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile – get their stuffs ready, do stay tuned to Lowyat.NET because we will be getting one in for review very, very soon; ahead of the launch of course. I’m personally psyched, while I’m not a fan of the device because of its shape, it’ll be interesting to see how it performs.

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