Google services

Google has a wealth of free online services and applications that everyone should use. Below is a listing of some of our favorites.

* Google Docs - Fantastic collection of free services including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation service, online forms, drawings, and more. Each of these services can also be viewed and edited between multiple users.
* Google Calendar - One of the best if not the best online calendars available to create appointments and even share events between other users.
* Google Translate - Another fantastic free service by Google that allows you to translate any text, website, or document into another language with support of over 50 different languages.
* Gmail - By far one of the best online free e-mail services with an almost endless list of features and probably the best e-mail spam filter.
* Google maps - Excellent maps service that not offers updated maps, directions, satellite views, and even street views of much of the world.
* YouTube - The premier location to share and view online videos.

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