Computer Addiction

From parents who are worried about the amount of time their kids spend in front of a monitor to the individual who says they do not know if they could live with out their PC, there are lots of individuals in the world who some would accuse of being addicted to their computers. How genuine this “addiction” is appears to be a matter of opinion. Certainly, there’s no physical reason why computers might be addictive. But then, addictions aren’t solely physical in nature.

Frequently, it is not the pc that’s at the source of the issue. What tends to be much more of a concern will be the specific programs on the pc, one or much more of which may exert a powerful hold over the user. Individuals have been reported as suffering addictions to pc games, to internet chat rooms and on-line pornography. In these instances, it seems that the pc isn’t the addiction but is an “enabler” to it.

If someone is spending too much time on their computer, then it’s not necessarily the case that they’ve an addiction, even though they may be over-reliant on it. There are many stories about executives who become nearly inseparable from their laptops because they feel like they are usually at work – some who will even bring their laptop on honeymoon with them. This is not a desirable state of affairs, but it does occur.

In the event you fear that you are addicted to your pc, then you should switch it off, get up and do some thing else for a day. If you are still concerned, do the same the next day and see if the feeling grows or diminishes. It may be that you are not addicted, but are habitually linked to it.

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